Mother Teresa Business Card
By Dr. Naima Panow OBGYN

Nice picture of Mother Teresa (taken shortly before her death) and Dr. Panow will load at the bottom of this page.

I sent this picture and Mother's business card to be put on the Medjugorje USA website. Hope more people would learn how Mother Teresa used the most simple words to reach people.

I was blessed by Mother Teresa in Calcutta only few months before her death on earth. One day after finishing my work with the handicapped children in Calcutta- India, Mother was standing holding small cards in her hand. As soon as she noticed me coming towards her, she turned to me as said, "Dr. Do you have your business card with you?" I rushed to search in my small handbag to find my business card. Mother smiled and said, "Dr. This is my business card." Mother wrote a blessing before giving it to me. Bishop Kenneth Steiner who was acting as our Archbishop when Mother died. He asked me if he can use Mother's business card in his tribute to the life and work of Mother Teresa. It was published at the Catholic Sentinel on September 18, 1997. He wrote:

Mother Teresa said:

"The fruit of silence is prayer"--- Teach us to pray.
"the fruit of prayer is faith."--------Help us to believe.
"the fruit of faith is love."-----------Guide us to love.
"The fruit of love is service.'--------Strengthen us to serve.
"The fruit of service is peace."------Lead us to peace.

If the worlds powerful men and women learn something from Mother's business card, love and peace would have been ruling all over the world and especially in the heart of the powerful. Heaven would have been on earth instead of war and destruction.
Dr. Naima Panow

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