"Medjugorje Investigated" by Michael Kenneth Jones.

7 years in the making,  based on U.S. State Department documents declassified for the writing of this book. Now get the facts and get the truth. Also includes personal testimony, scientific research, photo spread of Medjugorje sights, some visionaries photos from the early days of the apparitions, never before released, historical/political facts, never seen by the public and much, much more! "Medjugorje Investigated" will answer hard questions asked for over 25 years. 

Autographed, double inside over-flap cover, 288 pages. $16.95



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Email from a few readers:

Dear Michael, I have read your book!  I am shocked! It is amazing from the very beginning to the very end you have led your thought and the idea on what you wanted to write in the same tenacity so I had the feeling that whole book is one sentence .. The time of intensity .. . It is written in not often seen provocative style with a sense of giving arguments and defending, while challenging the reader. In Croatian we call it "ZDRAV RAZUM" .. so I say bravo. Congratulations. I also have to say that you have an incredible sense of humor. I almost died of laughter reading Introduction A., B., C. ha, ha, ha very passionate you were ..   Nevenka

Hi Michael, I was so thrilled to receive your e-mail and appreciate very much your reply as I know that you are a busy man.
I think the timing of your book was within Divine providence and so helpful in helping us make sense of what was going on within the parish and the documentation was first class and provided such clear evidence. So God bless you for persevering and I loved the book so much. Of all the books I could have chosen whilst in Medjugorje I chose the best and the one that put the whole thing within context and explained the  weaknesses of the first investigation. Your book really helped my pilgrimage! And I have given my copy to my brother-in-law! Ave Maria, Bob Forrest, Ireland

Important Update

The Church said they would not investigate Medjugorje again till the apparitions were over. However, just three weeks after "Medjugorje Investigated" was released and on the shelves in Medjugorje, the Church having remained silent on the Medjugorje issue for some 20 plus years, publicly announced a new investigation of the apparitions. Coincidence? We think not because Medjugorje Investigated is that enlightening.  Official Report: Catholic Church Launches a New Medjugorje Commission

Important Update

In Jan. of 08 author Michael K. Jones "Medjugorje Investigated" posted an article on Medjugorje USA in regard to his thoughts about the third Medjugorje commission. Jones stated the findings of the third Medjugorje investigation could easily be very different, based on if the study was in the hands of regional or Vatican officials. The article reported if the new third Medjugorje commission was in regional hands, the finding would prove to be the same as was the first tainted Medjugorje commission. In April O8 media sources reported the third commission was in fact in the hands of regional officials as Jones expected. The Medjugorje investigation and commission is now under the direction and authority of Vatican officials, according to media sources. Jones says his article was intended to reach Vatican sources as he knew the Medjugorje apparitions did not have much of reasonable chance if placed in the hands of the regional Conference of Bishops.   For Jones' 08 article, click this link. http://www.medjugorjeusa.org/newcommission07.htm