Scientific Study
By Boguslaw Lipinski, PhD,Sc.

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I am a scientist involved in research on bioelectrical phenomena in relation to health and disease. Over the years of my work I have collected a number of electronic instruments for measuring subtle electrical currents and their effects on living organisms.  It has been known for a long time that air negative ions, generated in the vicinity of flowing water and/or in evergreen woods, have beneficial effect on human health and well-being.  However, indoor air, particularly in modern buildings,  is almost completely devoid of negative ions but is rich in positive ions that give raise to annoying and potentially harmful static electricity.  Unfortunately, our research on the health effects of air ions have not generated any interest in the medical community at least in the Boston area. 

Therefore, for many years my instruments were laying dormant in the basement of my home until February 1985 when I read a report by Fr.Rene Laurentin, a renown
French Mariologist, on the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje.  In this report Fr. Laurentin described a certain event that happened only once in the history of
Marian apparitions. 

One day in July 1981, when young visionaries were still gathering every evening at Podboro Hill, Vicka, one of the allege visionaries announced that the Gospa,
(Mother of God)  can be touched  by everyone of about 100 people who were present there at this particular time.  Although no one  could see Her, people were flocking to the site at about 5 feet above the ground, as pointed out by Vicka, extending their hands  to reach this invisible point in the air.  It should be noted that amongst them were several secret police agents who were ordered to report on this potential anti- government activity.  When Fr. Laurentin heard about this mysterious event, he
went to Medjugorje and interviewed all those who were able to “touch” the Gospa. 

What he heard from them was extraordinary, namely everybody reported touching a hard metallic object from which a weak electrical current was flowing.  Nobody could understand this, since Our Lady was seen by the visionaries as being dressed in a soft tunic.   For me it was obvious that the Virgin Mary would not allow to be touched by sinful hands of ordinary people particularly  those of secret police.  I believe that  this was the Holy Spirit who created a “phantom”   made of  electromagnetic standing waves  having  an impression  of a solid object,  from which some of the electrons were leaking to the ground through the people’s hands.   It should be remembered  that electricity is a fundamental form of energy that is amenable by external forces.

Soon after I got hold of the unpublished report by Fr. Rene Laurentin written together with Prof. Henri Joyeux of the University of Montpellier in France.  A medical
team of electrophysiologists lead by him had documented that the image of Our Lady was mysteriously created in their brains as if they truly had  seen and heard Her. 
Electroencephalographic analyses of the children’s brain waves clearly indicated that they were in the state of ecstasy oblivious to external stimuli.  Professor
Joyeux's report convinced me that the apparitions in Medjugorje must be associated with bioeletrical phenomena, so I  quickly decided to go there.

I arrived in Medjugorje on March 14, 1985 carrying with me a portable, recharchable Electroscope (BT-400, Biotech-Electronics, Lachine, Que. Canada).  This instrument can measure both electrically charged air ions and ionizing radiation from radioactive sources. It should be noted that soon after the incident at Podboro Hill,  Yugoslav authorities had forbidden any such outdoor  meetings, so the visionaries   started to gather in a  small room adjacent to the altar in St. James church.  Although originally the measurements were intended to be made during an actual apparition, due to the change of the rules no one could be present anymore in this room at such a time.  Therefore I left the Electroscope  inside the room connected to a tape-recorder.  At 5 PM  March 15, 1985, St.James church was already filled with local people and some Italian pilgrims who have already  started  their daily prayers and chanting.  When the Electroscope was turned on it showed an extremely high reading of air ions concentration ( close to 100 000 per cu.cm of air! ) which has never been observed in a natural environment, except in the vicinity of the powerful air ion  generator.  However, switching the instrument into the mode for the detection of nuclear radiation, displayed  an even more bizarre reading of 100 000
millirads (mR) per hour! It should be noted that such a dose of ionizing radiation would  in about 8 hours expose everyone present in the room to a lethal dose of
ionizing radiation.  Two hours later, while people were still praying in the church, the instrument still showed the same extremely high reading.  It was so unusual  that since that time  I was taking measurements  every 30 minutes at various places.  For example, after the Mass a reading outside the church was only 4000 milliards/hr, which was still much higher than the normal background reading of about 100 mR/hr. 

According to all known laws of radiobiology the visionaries exposed to such an intense nuclear radiation should have died in a couple of weeks due to  the post-radiation sickness.  Unexpectedly albeit fortunately, the next morning on Saturday March 16, the reading in the room of the apparitions was only less than a thousand mR/hr, with   a small group of  people present in the church.  However, at about 4 PM, when parishioners and pilgrims started to gather and beganpraying, the reading went up slowly and reached a maximum of 20 000 mR/hr, to decrease again after the Mass. Such peaks of radiation were recorded altogether on six different occasions at three separate locations.  Clearly then the  Electroscope was recording some kind of radiation which was not of  a nuclear origin, otherwise the visionaries would be dead long ago.  Besides, no known radiation behaves in such a cyclical fashion.  Was it then induced by prayers, and if so, by what mechanism?

Some witnesses of this phenomenon have suggested that it may have resulted from the fluctuation in electrical  lines bringing power to the village.  However, when on Monday March 18 the measurements were conducted at the home of two girls who have experienced locutions ( hearing Our Lady’s voice without seeing Her) the power was  off.  Yet the instrument recorded a very high reading of 20 000 mR/hr.  This particular measurement was recorded on two separate tape recorders.  One recorder was monitoring the Electroscope readings, and the other, smaller, the voices of  Mirjana and Elena, who were talking about their experiences.  When, after returning to the United States, this tape was sent for translation from Croatian into English, the tape was practically inaudible due to strange repetitious noises, like a car engine running.  Yet nothing could be heard by anyone during the recording session in Medjugorje!   The nature of this incidence  was never solved.  At least it had eliminated the possibility of  power lines affecting the instrument readings.

One  physicist has suggested that this  same kind of energy may be  created by human emotions, for example during the excitement of sporting  events. Nothing like that could be confirmed. However, the same physicist later on proclaimed:  “What has been recorded in Medjugorje is an artifact - the instrument was simply broken!”   And
for him as a scientist this problem was solved, despite the obvious nonsense of his statement.  An analogy can be made of a situation in a deep tunnel that no radio waves can penetrate.  Suddenly one hears beautiful music and the explanation is given that this is because the radio is broken!  Many other highly implausible causes of this phenomenon  were suggested by other scientists, but none offered a rational explanation.

Is it possible that prayers induce some kind of energy similar to that observed in Medjugorje, which affects the human body by  non-local interactions?  Can
this type of energy explain why bombs which were dropped by Serbian pilots  on St.James church in Medjugorje did not explode?   Is this energy a link between the natural and supernatural worlds, a “ spiritualized energy ” as suggested by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?  These are the questions which cannot be currently answered, but perhaps science can solve this mystery like it did in many other cases in the past.   

For the next 20 years I have struggled to comprehend the meaning of  this energy demonstrated in Medjugorje in 1985, then  in 2006 I learned about  the Earth precession, a phenomenon previously unknown  to me.  Precession was discovered by the astronomer Hipparchus in 120 BC and first theoretically explained by Isaac Newton in the 17th century. The Earth wobbles as it spins due to torque created primarily by the sun and moon and therefore has cycles of non-perfect elliptical orbits of the Sun. The north pole sweeps out a cone shape in the celestial sphere.  The circle this cone scribes has a diameter of 46.878 degrees. The  length of  one period of the precession is 25 770 years and its current cycle ends on December 21, 2012 as predicted by current astronomical data.  It is, however, quite amazing that the Mayan calendar, which began on August 13, 3114 BC,   ends exactly on December 21, 2012, after which a new spiritual civilization is predicted to emerge. It should be noted that the Mayans, by contrast to contemporary scientists, considered science and religion as one.

What could precipitate such a sudden end of our civilization? Amongst all possible factors. One stands out as the most likely culprit namely, the lack of electricity. And this can happen in 2012 for the following reasons.  First of all, we should remember the fact that we on Earth are not cooked like chickens in a microwave oven,  This is due to the protective effect of the geomagnetic field which effectively deflects solar radiation  continuously generated by solar flares. The intensity of which fluctuates periodically in  11-year cycles.

The next maximum burst occuring in 2012. An example of a dramatic effect of concerted increase in solar flares and decreased geomagnetic field,  is an event recorded
on March 13, 1989, at 2:44 AM. At that time a transformer failure on one of the main power transmission lines in the HydroQuebec system precipitated a catastrophic collapse of the entire power grid. Six million people lost electrical power for 9 or more hours. The transformer failure was a direct consequence of ground induced currents caused by a high density of protons (positively charged hydrogen atoms) emerging from the Sun at high speed.  In  2005, sunspot 798 released a series of monster  solar flares, the  largest ever recorded, and caused a blackout of many radio transmissions on our planet.  In addition to the electromagnetic effects of solar flares, they also affect the weather on Earth.  For example, Hurricane Katrina and all other record-setting hurricanes in 2005 were connected to the unusually intense solar activity for this year.  Some scientists believe that the increased solar activity may cause earthquakes as

All these catastrophic events are not as consequential for our civilization as a sudden breakdown of  electrical power.  In 2012 as a result of combined  effects of a null geomagnetic field and intense solar flares, the Earth will be bombarded with high density  proton winds.  The positively charged particles will short-circuit not only electrical power grids but also all electronic devices. 

On a smaller scale such an effect was already observed in the International Space Station on June 7, 2007 when a sudden spike of proton density (from 2.1 to 10.3 protons/cu.cm) disabled electrical power switches designed to protect the computers from the station’s  solar panels.  The problem lasting for 48 hours was so severe that  there was a real possibility of abandoning the ship.  In 2012 it is very unlikely that we will be able to abandon our ship, Planet Earth. 

Although it is very hard to imagine life without electricity, it should be remembered that our current technological era  is based  on previous civilizations that lived for
millennia without electricity.   Hence, we have to learn how to survive without it and how to harness the power of nature by other less destructive  means,  possibly by employing our spiritual capacities.  As Jesus Christ said once - we could move trees and mountains if we have sufficiently strong faith.  Perhaps, the year 2012 is going to be a lesson for us how to regain such faith.

It is quite striking for me that the events of year 2012 are so similar to those  prophesied to take place during so called Three Days of Darkness (3DD).  According to The M+G+F Foundation, this prophecy is based on revelations to 19th Century Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and Marie Julie Jahenny of La Fraudais. Their description of events during 3DD is almost identical to that written by Padre Pio in his two letters to the Commission of Heroldsbach appointed by the Vatican. Padre Pio described his revelations given Our Lord to him on two different occasions (on  January 28, and February 7, 1950) as follows:

“Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth.  It will begin during a very cold night.  The wind will roar. Keep your windows well covered.  Do not look out.  Light a blessed candle which will suffice for many days.  Pray the rosary.  Provide yourself with sufficient food and water, including animals for they shall be in need of sustenance afterwards.  My elect shall not see My wrath.  No harm will come to those who are in the state of grace and who seek My Mothers’s  protection.  Those who disregard this advice will be killed instantly.  But after three nights, the earthquake and fire will cease.  On the following day the sun will shine again and it will be SPRINGTIME.  Angels will descend from Heaven and will spread the spirit of peace on the earth. “   

These are only some of the excerpts from Padre Pio’s letters, but just sufficient to give us an idea what is going to happen during those days of darkness.  From my reading of many books on the Year 2012, I see that this scenario  is very similar to that described in these books, the common theme being that there will be no electrical power to heat and light our homes, and the only protection will come from prayers, especially to the Mother of God, and by lighting a blessed candle.  It is very likely that far-infrared light emanating from blessed candles may also offer additional protection, as demonstrated by an American physicist, Prof. Phillip Callahan of the University of Florida. It may sound presumptuous, but I believe that electromagnetic energy generated during prayers in Medjugorje, where  The Mother of God is appearing daily, may form a kind of  a protective umbrella against deadly radiation coming with the solar wind.  

It should be noted that a group of Jesuits survived without any scratch of an atomic explosion right in the middle of Hiroshima, Japan, where they lived near ground
zero.  Even their animals and the grass on their property was protected.  The Jesuits have been medically investigated for over the next 30 years, but no scientific explanation was offered for their survival of atomic blast.  It is believed that they were protected because “ they lived the Message of Fatima”.   It is worth mentioning here, that Medjugorje is considered by some to be a continuation of the Fatima apparitions and miracles.  Another similarity between events of the year 2012 and 3DD is
that after these three days there will be Spring again.  Due to closing of the recent precession cycle in 2012, the Earth axis will assume a perpendicular position to
the Galactic eclipse and thus geographic areas between Poles and the Equator will have a constant, Spring-like  weather. - A thousand years of Peace ?

In conclusion, despite terrifying predictions associated with the year 2012, we will survive if we follow the instructions given to us by God.  It is possible that many people will perish, but we cannot consider it to  be God’s wrath, but a kind of a self-punishment resulting from our lack of faith particularly in a protective love of Our Lady of  Fatima and Medjugorje that is the belief and trust in God and His Providence.

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