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Bob Gilmore's Strange Lights Photo

I went to Medjugorje in the spring of 1993 with 4 friends from my Church. We smuggled in medical drugs and supplies for the orphanage in the village. These supplies were provided to us by a medical foundation here in Denver, Colorado.

The war was at it's peak during our visit and travel there was not recommended. During our stay, there were only about 50 pilgrims in Medjugorje. We were fortunate to stay at the home of Vicka's uncle and we were invited to her home for a private meeting that really capped off our trip.

Upon arriving in Medjugorje, we went up Podbrdo to see the spot where The Blessed Virgin first appeared to Ivanka and Mirjana. I took a photo of the Cross that marks this spot. A father and his young son were kneeling in prayer at the foot of the Cross when I snapped the picture.

I had the film developed when I returned home and this picture turned out to be quite miraculous. A semi-transparent beam of white and yellow light emanates from the clouds down to the Cross and rests over the heads of the father and son.

The beam resembles illustrations I've seen depicting the Grace of God. I took the photo back to the lab that developed it and asked them what they thought of it. They enlarged the photo from the negative and the larger the picture is made the thicker or more dense the beam becomes at it's top.

I sent the picture to Wayne Weible, the author of "Medjugorje, the Message", and he printed it in his newspaper with the caption, "The Miracle continues!"

I had 200 of these pictures reprinted and have been handing them out since my visit to Yugoslavia. The reactions of the people that see the picture are remarkable. It seems to motivate them to learn more about the Queen of Peace and her messages.

I'd be happy to send you a copy if you would like. I would need your address to do so. I will try to send you one from my computer but that doesn't always work.

Thank you,

Bob Gilmore
219 Ridgewater Way
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

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