Medjugorje Bishop Peric Stops Visionaries on Church Property and Fr. Danko's Monthly Reflections.
By Michael K. Jones

Many people believe things like what I write about below, are best left alone. I disagree as Scripture tells us, "There is nothing hidden that does not come to light."

There is no question the recently news information about pilgrims released in early September of 09 is the result of Bishop Peric who is quite outspoken against the  Medjugorje apparitions. Peric has openly stated from the pulpit of St. James Church in Medjugorje, countless media sources and in a book he wrote that he does not believe the Virgin Mary is appearing. In the past several months the Bishop of Mostar has also stopped visionary Mirjana from having her apparitions on the second of the month at Community Cenacolo. This decision of the Bishop has has likely affected the support of Sister Elvira's mission to help drug addicted teens not only in a recovery house located in Medjugorje but in other Community Cenacolo's around the world. The Bishop is also recently responsible for removing any form of religious practices from Oasis of Peace, also in Medjugorje. In late July 09, Bishop Peric instructed the Medjugorje parish that the visionaries were no longer allowed to talk about the apparitions on any church property what-so-ever. Also last month the Bishop stopped Fr. Danko from continuing the monthly "reflections" of Our Lady's messages.

The parish priests of Medjugorje are sworn to obedience. So when the Bishop demands these things, the priests must do as they are told. The other side of the coin here is that the Bishop himself is subject to obedience of his superiors and he himself is in violation of church rule. During the time of a church appointed investigation of any apparitions, church rule demands silence. Church authorities are not allowed to talk about or make any comment about any aspect of the investigation, positive of negative. However Bishop Peric as well as the previous Bishop Zanic (who were very good friend until the death of Zanic) have been negativity outspoken against the apparitions throughout all the investigations.

In my book "Medjugorje Investigated," I provided official documents proving the first Medjugorje Commission appointed by Bishop Zanic was purposely tainted with unbelievers. One month after my book was released in Medjugorje the church who said it would not do another investigation of Medjugorje till the apparitions were over, publically announced they would form a new commission. This new (third) commission has been investigating since September of 06. The investigation continues at the time of this article.

Also in "Medjugorje Investigated," I provide official documents stating when the current Pope (Ratzinger) was the head of the "Doctrine of Faith" he wrote a letter to the "Congregation of Bishop" in (then) Yugoslavia. Ratzinger told the Bishops to give a message to Bishop Zanic. The message told Bishop Zanic to stop his negative campaign against Medjugorje during the investigation. Zanic was disobedient to his superior, Cardinal Ratzinger. Zanic continued to speak out against the Medjugorje apparitions regardless of Cardinal Ratzinger's letter, even until his death.

The truth of the matter is not so much the question of apparitions but (in part) more so attempts to remove Franciscan's from the more wealthy parishes in the region and to give the wealthy parishes over to secular priest attached directly to the Bishop.  It is a long story but regardless of this fact the truth is Bishop Peric is in violation of church rule during the investigation of an apparition. Meanwhile Bishop Peric is using his position of power to manipulate the parish of Medjugorje into obedience as is the duty of priests and nuns. The Bishop himself however remains in violation of the same rule of obedience to his superiors.

What this article should tell us is the church is not perfect and we need pray for our church. We also need pray that the truths of Medjugorje will set us all free from this ongoing conflict.