The Assumption

The Assumption is a day on the church calendar where Catholics honor and celebrate the earthly life and transfiguration of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. The celebration of the “Feast of the Assumption,” takes place each year on August 15, which has been marked since the fifth century.

A new Mass text was prepared for this feast at the time of the definition of this dogma. However, the doctrine was solemnly defined by Pope Pius X11 on November 1, 1950 stating the Assumption is a privilege of Mary at the end of Her earthly life whereas She was assumed into heaven, where She now lives on, glorified in both body and soul.

In defining the Assumption in 1950, Pope Pius avoided settling a theological dispute connected with the doctrine. Did Mary die? The Assumption took place at the end of Her earthly life could have been ended by death or by Her having been assumed into heaven without dying.

The more common opinion is that Mary did die. The Assumption, therefore, would be an anticipated resurrection. But since the definition of the dogma of the “Immaculate Conception,” in 1854 and especially since the definition of the Assumption, a growing number of theologians have taught that Mary did not die but was translated body and soul to heaven without ever having died. Catholics are free to hold either option.

The “Feast of the Assumption” has long been considered a holy day but is no longer celebrated as a holy day of obligation.

The 4th Glorious Mystery of the Rosary is dedicated to “The Assumption of the Virgin Mary.”

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