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Israel Palestine Conflict 2011

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Vatican Opens Door For Married Priests

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Michael and the Sparrow

Iraqi Bishop Kidnapped and Found Dead

First Appointment of a New Iraqi Cardinal

20 Steps of Faith

Scientific Study By Boguslaw Lipinski, PhD,Sc.

Testimony about Mother Teresa by Naima Panow M.D.

Do You Believe in God? Polls say 90% of People Do

Counting Your Blessings and not Our Sufferings

New Unusual  Photos Surrounding Fatima Pilgrim Statue

What is the Center Verse of the Bible

The Brown Scapular by Debbie Thompson

How to Save Souls-One at a Time by Michael K. Jones

Mary Had a Little Lamb...... author unknown..... sent by Sister Anine

Interview with U.S. Visionary of Mary's Children.. by D. Thompson

The Missing Words on National Cemetery Memorial, in Washington

U.S. Marines Pray During the Marine Corps Birthday,... and in Iraq

Our Lady Weeps Tears of Blood in Naju, sent by Philomena Serrao

The Graduating Students Big Sneeze, at the University of Maryland

Mary is not the Message

Virgin Mary Statue Takes Human Form

True Devotion to Virgin Mary

Confession At A Wal-Mart Parking Lot

God Works In Strange Ways

In Loving Memory Of His Holiness, John Paul II

Pope Benedict Waves Time Period for John Paul's Possible Sainthood

Archbishop William Levada New Prefect of Doctrine of Faith

Prayers To Protect Children

Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI

Conclave; Election of a New Pontiff

Pope John Paul & Saint Maria Faustina

Medjugorje Visionary Sees Pope John Paul After Pope's Death

Baking a Sensational Cake


A Medjugorje Lesson for one and all

Elaine Share a Personal Experience with Medjugorje Risen Christ Statue

Is Medjugorje Oozing Christ Statue bleeding oil and blood?

Excerpt from the book, "Divine Mercy in My Soul"

Letter & Pictures From Church in Russia.

Weeping Picture in Robstown, TX.

Christian Words for Living

An Affair with Divine Mercy

A Few Prayers in Croatian

This Thing Called Prudence

Apparition at Zeitoun, Egypt

A Special Rosary for Priests

From Ash Wednesday to Easter

Silent Jesus

Preparations for the Feast of Mercy

Divine Mercy Sunday

Joyful Mysteries - A Celebration of Advent

A Christmas Poem

Reflection on Forgiveness

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Medjugorje, Fact or Fiction

Warnings and Chastisements of Medjugorje

America the Beautiful

Medjugorje, Bosnia - Hercezgovina - An Oasis of Love

Medjugorje USA in a church bulletin?

Twas the Night Jesus Came

Living Christmas

A Story of John 3:16

Letter and Pictures From Mother Of God Church in Russia

Medjugorje USA's POW Prayer Group

Thoughts on discernment

Mother Teresa on her way to Sainthood

Tina shares her true story of cancer and faith

Sensationalism, some personal thought

Sister Elvira and Community Cenacolo

Stigmata priest, Father Zlatko Sudac

Catholic Church vs Freemasonry, a review

Reflection on Medjugorje Warning Signs & Chastisements

Could Israel's new leader Sharon lay a course for Biblical war?

Recent pictures of Medjugorje visionaries, Vicka & Ivanka

Pro-Life Pro-Choice The Constitution & Pledge of Allegiance

The Shroud of Turin (with picture)

Discernment Some Thoughts

 The Seven Infused Virtues

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Thoughts on Sensationalism

Life in the Resurrection of Christ

Mission of the Laity

Silent Jesus

Mary Full of Grace

Will There Be War in Israel

A Few Thoughts About Praying

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