Saint Anthony of Padua
Written by Michael K. Jones

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1195, Saint Anthony was the son of Martin Bouillon and Theresa Tavejra, two religious and God fearing people.

Educated in the Lisbon Cathedral school, at the age of 15 he entered the St. Augustine Order in 1210. He remained there 8 years leaving with a great understand of theological knowledge.

Having witnessed the bodies of the first Franciscan Martyrs in Morocco, at the Church of Santa Croce, (1220), He also desired martyrdom. Leaving the Augustine Order he entered the Friars Minor Order.

The following year he attended a General Chapter of Franciscans in Assisi. This humble Brother went unnoticed as an educated theologian. Applying at the Provincial of Coimbra, Brother Anthony was sent to Montepaolo. During this time he was asked to address his Brethren. Unprepared, he spoke the Scripture astounding the Brothers. Learning of his great knowledge and wisdom of Scripture, Brother Anthony was instructed by Saint Francis to teach theology. As a professor of theology he was well admired.

Saint Anthony was of a strong desire to see the end of heresy of the time. In is mindset he longed for the conversion of the heretics. During this time Saint Anthony preformed a number of miracles causing the conversion of a large number of the heretics. Regardless of his duties or location there of, the signs and wonders followed him. His sermons were no less extraordinary. People would gather in crowds of more than 30,000 to hear him speak.

While in Padua, a miracle took place, which marveled the people beyond any comprehension. Leonardo was a young man who confessed to Brother Anthony that he had kicked his mother. : Brother Anthony told the young man that the foot that does such a thing should be cut off. After the confessions Leonardo went home and cut off his foot. Hearing of this, Saint Anthony miraculously rejoined Leonardo's foot.

There are so many things attributed to the life of Saint Anthony. His sermons, miracles, and conversions are just a small part of the works of this holy and God fearing man. He died on June 13, 1231, at the age of 36, after retirement and sickness. He did not obtain the martyrdom he had once hoped for. It seems God had other plans in mind. Declared a Doctor of the Church, Saint Anthony is known as the Saint of lost articles.

Upon exhumation of his body, it was found to be corrupt, however his tongue which had so beautifully spoke and taught the Scriptures was found incorrupt, and is displayed at the Vatican.

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