Recording Artist Ann Weiss

By Michael K. Jones

Christian singer/songwriter Ann Weiss will capture your attention the first time you hear her sing. Having studied voice at Roosevelt University in Chicago and the New England Conservatory in Boston, Ann received a degree in vocal performance. For several years Ann headlined in local resorts then turned her talents to Church ministry where she sang for Mother Theresa. Ann has two albums to her credit, "Gift of Love" and "In His Arms" If you would like to hear some audio clips of Ann's music, you can visit her website on the link at the bottom of this page.

I have done a number of interviews over the past several weeks, so I asked Ann to do something a little different. I simply asked her to write a little something about her faith, joy of music and her life. Below is what Ann sent me.

Hi Michael,

I grew up in a very musical family across the street from the Catholic Church in a small town in Wisconsin. My Father did the accounting and the pastor came for dinner every Thursday night! Little did I know I would later become the music director of a large Catholic Church here in Phoenix. After graduating from the University of WI- Madison with a degree in Vocal Performance I went on to entertain for years and for the most part became what I now refer to in my concerts as " the person who has taken YOUR seat on Christmas and Easter! " At some point I knew that my voice was meant to give something back and I approached the local parish to "substitute" if they needed me. A few months later I was running the noon mass and loving it. I not only felt fulfilled musically, but I had found a loving family of God right here in my neighborhood. And that was just what I was missing.

Unfortunately I was also involved in a very psychologically debilitating relationship which caused me great anxiety and lack of self-esteem. Such manipulation took its toll and I found myself quite at the bottom both physically and mentally. I started to attend daily mass for comfort and had the most remarkable conversion! As communion approached I heard the words for the very first time (although I'd said them hundreds) " Lord I am not worthy to receive You, but only say the word and I shall be healed". I started to weep uncontrollably, unable to move and the sweetest little woman put her arms around me and told me that Jesus heard me. A lightness of being came over me as though my burdens lifted away right then and there and I BELIEVED!! Even cradle Catholics need a reawakening once and a while because the journey never ends.... Years later I began writing music for my own community and constantly thought about that little lady - whose face I will never forget - and "In Your Arms" just came out. It said everything I wanted to say about fear and love and letting go and realizing that only in God's arms can we truly be fulfilled.

It's so difficult in this day and age to try to put aside worldly goods when we are constantly bombarded with media telling us what we should have and want. But the peace and goodness that can only come from God are the everlasting treasures that will take us the distance. There seems to be a struggle at every turn, but I have been fortunate to have come to know some of God's wondrous saints - right here, right now - who show only unconditional love to those around them and provide a constant lesson each and every day.

To sing His praises - there just aren't enough opportunities!!! I feel blessed to be an instrument and pray daily that He use me as best as I know how.

Anyway, I knew my husband for almost 8 years. We were friends and tennis buddies and one day he invited me to dinner and I had a vision right there at the table that we were old and gray, sitting across from one another at a breakfast table, reading the morning paper with a cup of coffee and I knew he was to be my husband!! Go figure! He is Jewish and has been nothing but supportive of my ministry and beliefs. Our son who is now 11 is being raised Catholic and we used to joke that he was a Cashew! And fortunately we have passed the " I want to be Jewish today because I don't want to go to church" routine. My husband has taught me a great deal about our Jewish heritage - we celebrate the holy days together in special remembrance of those members of the family and I'm proud to say I can sing the Hanukkah song too!!

I am truly blessed. God's love is limitless and His mercy is unbelievable. Even though there are parts of my life that I have trouble forgiving - I know that HE HAS FORGIVEN THEM. For the sacrifice on the cross has opened the doors of heaven for each and every one of us. May you all know the gift and loving embrace - " IN HIS ARMS".

Ann Weiss

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