Is This The Face of the Virgin Mary?
Photo Taken By Michael K. Jones, Founder of Medjugorje USA

May 12, 2010 I was headed out the door to discover sitting on my steps was the air conditioner I ordered from Wal-Mart online two days before. I was SURPRISED it arrived so fast. I opened the box and the back side of the air conditioner was damaged. I took a picture of the a/c and brought the packing information to my local Wal-Mart to see what had to be done because of the damage. Something interesting did happen in all this. The day before (May 11) was my birthday and I prayed to Our Lady asking for a little sign (gift) from Her. The picture I took and printed out of the damage on the a/c has an image of a woman's face on it, as clear as day. I showed the printed picture to the girl at the desk at Wal-Mart to show the damage and she noticed the face right away. She thought the picture so amazing she invited other Wal-Mart workers to come and look at the picture. She also asked me to keep the print out picture so I let her have it. 

Below the first picture has a thin blue line box over part of the damage section. Look inside the blue box and you will see the face of of a woman. The second picture is a blow up the the same image. When you blow up a picture you loose the quality of the original size but you will get a little closer look of the image. In the second picture below you will more clearly see two faces next to each other the left appears still to be that of a woman and the other looks like me when I was in my 20's and 30's. For me this picture was the gift I asked for the day before on my birthday. Thank you Mary.

Send me an email and tell me what you think? info@medjugorjeusa.org Did I receive the gift I asked for on my birthday, or what do you see in the damaged area?




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