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Do not order address labels, we no longer sell them.


Medjugorje Address Labels $2.95 A Sheet

9 labels to choose from

About Our Labels

You receive a sheet of 1" x 2 5/8" address labels (30 labels a sheet). Your name and address will appear on your label exactly as the order you place.  Any questions or if you have a picture of your own you would like placed on an address label contact us by email

Medjugorje label example






Actual size with Media Center Computers only.  Medjugorje USA is one of the few who have an original copy of this picture.  History: During the early days of the apparitions a priest from Rome went to Medjugorje. As the visionaries went to kneel as Our Lady was appearing he snapped a picture. Back in Rome he developed the film and had this image. He sent it back to Medjugorje with nuns going on retreat and they showed the picture to the visionaries. The visionaries said that this was a picture of Our Lady even though Our Lady was much more beautiful than the picture. This picture has also appeared on the cover of Wayne Weible's book, "The Message." 



NOT actual size. History: Taken on the top of Cross Mountain a nun stand and prays as beams of light stream over the landscape and cross.










NOT actual size. History: This statue in Medjugorje is called the "Risen Christ" Shortly after being erected a leg on the statue began dripping a fluid. On one occasion we have been told a pilgrim touched a handkerchief to the fluid and it was like blood. This was a rare event as mostly the thousands of pilgrims who have touched a cloth to the bleeding Christ have only a wet spot on their cloth. Many call the dripping fluid a miracle though no scientific study has been taken.









NOT actual size.  History: Father Jozo was the parish priest in Medjugorje when the apparitions first started in 1981. Later Fr. Jozo was transferred to another Church. In this Church is the most beautiful statue of Our Lady most of us have ever seen. This image of Our Lady has become the most famous that pilgrims recognize.







NOT actual size. History: Similar to the statue above this is also an image that has become widely known. In this image the edges have been darkened and the face of Our Lady highlighted.





NOT actual size. History: Medjugorje USA logo shows beautiful and well know image of Our Lady with Cross mountain with a crowd of people standing round. Right side highlights a partial image of an American Flag. 





NOT actual size. History: Saint James Parish in Medjugorje.




Not actual size. Our Lady of Medjugorje black & white, grayscale.










Not actual size. "Heal the World".


Custom Labels Available

Send us a picture by email (photo must be sent in regular email, we do not open attachments due to virus concerns) and tell us your address and we will make your own customized address labels for $3.25 a sheet.  We will contact you by email to let you know we received the picture and address. You will be able to order online. After we receive the picture we will send you a link to the customized label page so you can purchase online.  If you wish to order by mail with check or money order send an email to  In that email tell us how many sheets you would like to order we will send you an invoice and mailing instructions by email. Send your picture and address to us and we will scan your picture free of charge and will return your picture with your order.  Scanning quality may vary.


Send us an email with a list of the items you would like to buy. We will contacted you (via email) with your order, totals and mailing information.

Place orders by check of money orders


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