About the Founder of Medjugorje USA

Michael Kenneth Jones is a descendent of Francis Eaton and Warren G. Harding. Francis Eaton was a passenger on the pilgrim ship "Mayflower" and signed “The Mayflower Compact” in 1620. Warren G Harding was the 29th president of the United States.

Born in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1952, Michael grew up a confirmed atheist till receiving a miracle in the mid 1980’s. In 1989 an interior voice haunted him while sleeping saying “I want you to go to Medjugorje.” Michael had never heard the word Medjugorje before till a strange circumstance happened. In Medjugorje, Michael now a believer came home stating, “I will never doubt in the existence of God again.”

Since his conversion, Michael has worked with directors, producers, authors, editors and publishing companies. His credits have appeared in magazines, newsletters, church bulletins, and other media sources such as television, video and film productions and evening local news broadcasting. His conversion story has appeared in two published book and in newsletters. For years he accepted invitations to speak at churches, organizations and even home gatherings. Michael is also the founder of the (POW) "Purgatory Oblation Warrior Prayer Group Apostolate" which has over 4547 members around the world as of June 2017. He is also the founder of "Our Lady's Prayer Room and "Medjugorje Gift Shop." He is also author of "Medjugorje Investigated," and founder and webmaster of Medjugorje USA. www.medjugorjeusa.org

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