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Alberta H. Sequeira is the author of "A Healing heart," a story of healing and conversion with the help of Medjugorje.

Trusting in God's Will...

What Do You Believe

Elizabeth Ficocelli is the author of "The Fruits of Medjugorje: Stories of True and Lasting Conversions." She is also author of several other religious books. Elizabeth asked if she could offer the testimony of Michael K. Jones, the founder and webmaster of Medjugorje USA, in her book. The testimony appears in her book under the title, "Coins for the Master." Below Elizabeth Ficocelli share some thoughts with Medjugorje USA.

When Personal Conversion Goes Public

Mirjana Vasilj is the author of "Our Lady's Call From Medjugorje." Published in several different language, the book is designed to help us understand the messages from Our Lady more easily and to identify ourselves with them.

Interview with Mirjana Vasilj Zuccarini

Randall Sullivan was a contributing editor to both "Rolling Stone Magazine" and "Men's Journal." In his book, "The Miracle Detective," Sullivan investigates holy visions from Fatima to Medjugorje. Michael K. Jones the founder of Medjugorje USA was asked to read and review, "The Miracle Detective," prior to public release. Publisher "Atlantic Monthly" sent two hard cover copies for review. Mr. Sullivan did an interview with Medjugorje USA after our review of his book.

Review & Interview with Author Randall Sullivan

Author Wayne Weible is known for his many books on Medjugorje, which have touched us all. Mr. Weible gives an in-depth interview with Medjugorje USA

Interview with Wayne Weible

Susan Tassone is author of many books such as "The Way of the Cross for Holy Souls in Purgatory."  She has had two private audiences with Pope John Paul (now deceased) and some of her books received John Paul's Apostolic Blessings. Susan has shared many articles.

Prayer Suffering Work-The Motto of Blessed Mary of Providence

Pope Benedict XV Urges The Mass of the Living

Next Greatest Number of Purgatory Souls are Released at Easter

Nine First Fridays and Five First Saturdays

Our Lady of Knock, Holy Souls and World Peace

The Dying Become the Holy Souls

Year of Eucharist & Holy Souls in Purgatory

Interview & Testimony of Susan Tassone (Updated from older article)

The Gregorian Mass

Pious Practices for Holy Souls

More Souls are Released on Christmas Day not all Souls Day

Greedy for Grace

Thirty-Day Devotions for Holy Souls & Prayers of Intercession for Holy Souls

Susan Tassone Shares a True Story About Joan & the Holy Souls

Purgatory, the Masterpiece of God's Mercy

Christmas in July

Masses for Ourselves & the Living

Author Michael H. Brown has traveled the world bringing us a number of books on Marian apparitions and other religious topics.

Medjugorje USA's Interview with Michael H. Brown

Author John VanBuskirk author of "Secrets of Fatima" gives and in-dept interview with Medjugorje USA and more.

Interview with John R. VanBuskirk

A Plea for Priests

Muslim God Christian God

Author Frank Stoppa shares is book "Beyond my Wildest Dreams A Medjugorje Odyssey" and testimony with Medjugorje USA.

Medjugorje Testimony of Author Frank Stoppa

June Klins is author, writer/editor of "The Spirit of Medjugorje Newsletter." She is also the author of three books called, "Best of Spirit of Medjugorje volume, one, two and three.

Testimony of June Klins

A True Story by June Klins

Confessions at a Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Michael K. Jones is a descendant of Francis Eaton and Warren G. Harding. Francis Eaton was a passenger on the pilgrim ship "Mayflower" and she signed "The Mayflower Compact," in 1620. Warren G. Harding was the 29th president of the United States.

Born in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1952, Michael grew up a confirmed atheist till receiving a miracle in the mid 1980's. In 1989 an interior voice haunted him while sleeping saying, "I want you to go to Medjugorje." Michael had never heard the word Medjugorje before till a strange set of circumstances happened. In Medjugorje, Michael now a believer came home saying, "I will never doubt in the existence of God again."

Since his conversion, Michael has worked with directors, producers, authors, editors and publishing companies, to share his spiritual life changes and deep devotion to Our Lady of Medjugorje. His credits have appeared in books, magazines, newsletter, church bulletins and other media sources such as television, video productions and evening local news broadcasting. For years Michael freely accepted invitations to speak at churches, organization and even in home gatherings, to share the joys' of Our Lady of Medjugorje aka "Queen of Peace." Michael is the founder and webmaster of "Medjugorje USA.org,"  and the "POW (Purgatory Oblation Warrior) International Prayer Group," which as of Dec. of 2016 had over 4500 members world wide. He is also the founder, webmaster and caretaker of "Our Lady's Prayer Room," "Medjugorje Gift Shop" and author of "Medjugorje Investigated." Michael's Medjugorje testimony has appeared in two books, a magazine, online websites and several church bulletins and newsletters.

Medjugorje Testimony of Michael K. Jones

Medjugorje USA's Homepage

POW Purgatory Oblation Warrior Prayer Group

Our Lady's Prayer Room

Medjugorje Gift Shop

Italian writer and journalist Renzo Allegi share an article with Medjugorje USA about music and prayer.

When Music Becomes Prayer


Jean Ann Hand is a songwriter and recording artist. To her credit is Eternal World Television Network "Life on the Rock" theme song. Jean shares with Medjugorje USA about her and husband Joe's ministry.

Interview with The Hands

Songwriter and recording artist Marco Tavola offers personal thoughts and interview.

Interview with Marco Tavola

Songwriter and recording artist Ann Weiss share her love of music, faith and church.

Interview with Ann Weiss

Canadian songwriter and recording artist Denis Grady shares his music, faith and hopes with Medjugorje USA

Interview with Denis Grady

Songwriter and recording artist Michael Zabrocki gives a deep and sensitive interview with Medjugorje USA

Interview with Michael Zabrocki

Songwriter and recording artist David Patrick Bryan gives a heart to heart with Medjugorje USA

Interview with David Patrick Bryan

Italian Songwriter and recording artist Robert Bignoli speaks about his ministry and Medjugorje

Interview with Robert Bignoli

Newer Interview with Robert Bignoli

Roberto Talks About World Youth Day

Meet Paola, wife of Italian recording artist and song writer Roberto Bignoli.

Meet Paola


Doctor Naima Panow (retired) is a well respected OBGYN. A strongly devoted Catholic from Iraq, Dr. Panow practiced medicine in the U.S. for over 40 years. Never married, she offered her life to the service of God from the time she was a little girl. Dr. Naima also did charity work with Mother Teresa and has shared several articles about Mother and other religious topics dear to her heart with us. Dr. Naima is a long time friend, writer and proof reader for Medjugorje USA. She has been a member of the Medjugorje USA staff here for many years. Update: we regret to say Naima had a stroke on July 26, 2010 and now is in a nursing home. She still prays daily for Medjugorje USA and for the conversion of all souls who do not know God. Please keep Naima in your prayers.

Questions and Answers

One Hail Mary a Day

Feast of the Holy Cross in Iraq

Faith is a Gift

First Mother Superior in Iraq Naima Panow M.D.

Testimony About Mother Teresa

First Appointment of a new Iraqi Cardinal

New Unusual Photos Surround Fatima Pilgrim Statue

Mother Teresa of Possessions

Christianity in Iraq

Mother Teresa's Business Card

In Memory of Sabri Panow

How to Pray and Why

The Black Virgin of Recamadour

Death and Funeral of Archbishop Rahoo

Doctor, Scientist and Bio Chemist Boguslaw Kipinski is the chemist who tested the weeping oils from the statues and icons in Little Audrey Santos bedroom. Audrey was injured in a pool accident at a very young age which left her in a semi coma for the rest of her life. With great difficulty, her mother Linda brought Audrey to Medjugorje in hopes of a miracle. Returning home, Little Audrey remained in a semi coma but all the religious statues and icons in Little Audrey's room began to weep blood and fluids. Audrey is believed to be known as what the church calls "a victim soul." Currently the church is still investigating the supernatural events that surrounded Little Audrey, even since her death in April of 2007. To this day the icons and statues still weep oils of an unknown compound. Boguslaw has been a person friend of Michael the founder of Medjugorje USA for many year now and offered Medjugorje USA almost exclusive results of the testing of the oils from Little Audrey's room. Boguslaw also offers some scientific research about the Medjugorje apparitions.

Medjugorje Scientific Research

Testing of the Weeping Oils in Little Audrey's Room

Doctor James Paul Pandarakalam shares his papers and studies on the Medjugorje Apparitions with Medjugorje USA, as previously published in "The Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Medjugorje Research of Dr. James Paul Pandarakalam

More Research to the Proof of Medjugorje

Doctor, Scientist Maria Angelo-Katter Ph.D visited Medjugorje and offers her testimony and thoughts to Medjugorje USA

Scientist Experiences Miracle in Medjugorje 


Father Mateus Maria shares a beautiful story he calls "A True Store of Love," with Medjugorje USA and the role Medjugorje and Our Lady "Queen of Peace" played.

A True Story of Love

Father The Rev. Dr. Augustus E. Succopp lll Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC went to Medjugorje and realized Medjugorje is not about Mary. Rev Succop shares his testimony with Medjugorje USA

Medjugorje: Mary is not the Message

Father Gus Milton, OFM share an experience in Medjugorje with Medjugorje USA. Sad news: Father Gus passed away on Friday April 11, 2008. Please keep Father Gus in your prayers.

Father Gus Shares With Medjugorje USA

Father Ed Murphy shares his Medjugorje testimony with Medjugorje USA.

Father Murphy's Testimony

Father Tommy Lane is interview by Medjugorje USA

Father Tommy's Medjugorje Interview

On November 26, 2000, Medjugorje visionary Ivan was guest speaker at St. Thomas of Villanova Church, in Wilmington, MA. Ivan answer some question that even which we present in this article. Medjugorje USA was in attendance.

Evening with Ivan


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